Chappie Canned Dog Food

Chappie canned dog food is often suggested by vets.

For those people who are strict about their dog’s health, who go for Puppy Training in Canton, Ohio and only want to feed their dog a natural diet, it can be difficult to pick through the dog food nutritional maze.

With Chappie canned dog food you have some major advantages in terms of availability of the food (nearly ALL supermarkets carry Chappie in tins).

When researching a tinned/canned dog food (often called wet dog food) be prepared to do your research and get the best information by  Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training: dog trainers in Chico.

Sometimes people prepare their own ‘natural’ dog food. They do have to spend a lot of time preparing their dog’s meals and often switch to the more convenient meat foods available in cans (such as Chappie). You can navigate here to find out the various flavors available for your pet and which is good according to the experts.

You can click for more info regarding shipping and buy Chappie in cans from the major supermarkets (it’s actually a Pedigree brand) and can get it online from the main pet food retailing ecommerce websites.

It’s often cheaper to buy Chappie canned dog food in larger quantities rather than buying a tin per day from your local supermarket.

If you have decided that Chappie canned dog meat is the best choice for your dog, it makes sense to order in greater quantities from online retailers as the price per can is significantly lower.

If you’re looking to buy Chappie for your dog at the best price:



Ken Ainge October 8, 2010

When he came to me last January, I fed my smooth border collie rescue, Dexie, the top brand complete dry foods I had fed his predecessors but they didn’t suit him at all. A messy experience, to say the least. My vet suggested feeding him tinned Chappie which I tried reluctantly as years ago, Chappie was considered to be a cheap and nasty way to feed a dog. Over several weeks I have become very impressed. Dexie is now waiting for his food at his appointed meal times and devours it with gusto. Picking up after him, while hardly pleasurable is now a simple job, firm stools etc. He has always had a lovely shiny coat and damp nose and has always been up for loads of exercise. None of this has changed, just his digestive disorder has disappeared. Early days yet, maybe, but on the present evidence I would certainly endorse my vet’s recommendation.

J Wilson November 23, 2012

Hello – I really liked using CHappie as it was red meat free. Are you still doing this option ? I notice the more recent cans actually have red meat in them although the labelling is confusing for people !

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