Chappie Dog Food For Dogs With Allergies

There is a mystery surrounding exactly why a food ingredient causes the symptoms of food allergy, which can be difficult having a home with a dog with allergies to keep it clean, also if you want to remodel your bathroom, visit this page for the best resources for this.

But one thing we do know is that many vets often suggest their clients try their dogs on Chappie dog food as and when a skin condition may rear its ugly head.

Some animal specialists suspect that abnormal amounts, or certain types of protein particles from food, are absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract.

This releases antibodies and inflammatory chemicals from the cells of the digestive tract and skin, which is a process commonly called “hypersensitivity”.

The skin and the digestive tract may then become sensitive to food that contains that particular ingredient. The offending item is a ruthless one and a dog that has a sensitive reaction, such as itchy skin, vomiting or diarrhea may start to suffer from these within minutes, although they can occur up to a few days later.

Chappie dog food, whilst being one of the lower cost tinned foods, contains fish. Fish is very often a superb source of protein that doesn’t tend to be implicated in allergies in dogs.

If your dog is suspected of being allergic, see your vet and ask them whether they would recommend trying the dog on Chappie for a trial period.

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C. Trott July 1, 2010

Many years ago Chappie was considered cheap do food and was considered rubbish as it was so cheap. I had a westie at the time and he was having skin problems, my vet advised Chappie, she said it was the best for skin and stomach problems. I started him on Chappie and she was right !! he cleared up in no time. Sadly we parted company and now years later we have got another little boy….he was having terrible wind… the food he was on before we had was a supermarket brand. My vet suggested Iams, James wellbeloved, and a host of others and every one has made him sick !! he cant seem to tolerate it. I told about my other dog having Chapppie but she said it was full of fat !!

I got onto Chappie Head Office and spoke to a lovely woman who said she would send vouchers and a copy of the ingredients and percentages of fats, nutrients ect. I recieved thenm after a few days. Took the sheet to my vet and she was surprised that it was so low in fat and she said well give him a go and see how he is…..Frasier went to Chappie and not been sick once. He has started to put on weight though so I thought I would try and put him onto dry food that was dietry related so weaned him half and half chappie and dry food but after a week again the sickness has started so back to the beginning……Chappie is the best, if anyone calls Chappie H O they are so imformative and helpful, dont be worried about giving your dog Chappie. Its cheap, does what it says on the tin ……..but your dog will stink of fish !!!!! 🙂

Brian Palmer October 1, 2012

Has tinned chappie changed ????
I have been using this for years but since last August I note the word Vet has appeared on the label.
Now it smells different, and my dogs breath smells more.

Can’t you go back to the original chappie or is this a cheaper way of producing this product?
Will have to try another brand.

Caroline Howe March 28, 2013

I have fed my 8 year old chappie dog food ever since he got pancreatitis and have never had anymore problems with him would recommend this food every time I am happy with the results from feeding him chappie

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