Chappie Dry Dog Food

Chappie is well known for the tinned or ‘wet’ dog food variety but you can also buy Chappie dry dog food too.

Chappie complete dog food is ideal for many pet dogs.

By using wholegrain maize and wheat, Chappie ensures maximum nourishment – starch for energy, and fibre for healthy digestion The special blend of low fat and dietary fibre provides your dog with a slow release of energy, satisfying a dogs needs throughout the day.

Enriched with vitamins: Chappie is enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids, for perfect balance in a dogs diet

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Marie September 29, 2012

Why have chappie changed not only the ingredients but also the size of the bisc’s, my dogs won’t eat it now! Please bring back the original.

Mrs B. Knight October 13, 2012

Hello i am a loyal chappie customer and i would like to know how you have changed the recipe and why? also i have not been able to find the 15kg bag of Original chappie Dry dog food in Pets at home (Brentford) i was told that you have never done this which i know to be untrue as i used to buy it? the beef/chicken kibble is too big and has too much Gravy powder this causes my dog (bearded collie) to scratch his coat out since the introduction of the new recipe why is this ? i used the original dry mix because it did not have the powder on the kibble and was a nice size for my dog and the if it is not broke dont fix it. i am now left with a quandary what to feed him now as i have tryed every thing else and they don’t work ?

look forward to your response soon

MRS B Knight

Michael Davies March 17, 2013

Can you help please I have a very old terrier with pancreatitis . Do you do a dried food with small sized pieces for small old dogs Thank you Can you let me know urgently.

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