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A new Chappie dog food review has been added over at dog food reviews.

Further confirming the popular view that Chappie is a much overlooked dog food, dog food reviews goes on to include some dog owner opinions on Chappie as a dog food that consistently receives positive feedback on price, tolerance and quality.

Chappie Dog Food Review

Another [vote of confidence,thumbs up, positive opinion, recommendation] for the Chappie dog food here. I wouldn’t feed my [boy, dog] on [it all the time, every single day, permanently, an every day basis], but he went through a phase of having really, really [sensitive digestion, tolerance problems, upset tummy], and Chappie was what was recommended to me during that time.

chappie dog food orginal

I feed mine Chappie sometimes, it’s certainly one of the better brands found in the supermarket

A man I walk with has a 20 month old GSD who has been diagnosed with EPI and was told to feed him on Vitalin plus his enzyme powder,the weight was dropping off him,I got advice from another forum and they advised for him to go on Chappie dog food original,he has been on Chappie about 6 weeks now and is steadily gaining back his weight,the owner has had no problems with him and he’s enjoying it a lot better than the vitalin.

Chappie Dog Food

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adrian howe September 20, 2010

I have been buying Chappie Dog food for my Dog for a number of years, because she has a sensitive stomach. However, she recently has had stomach problems and it seemed to coincide with me purchasing the Chicken and rice variety. Please could you look into this to see if you have had any other problems with this.

Val Hills October 29, 2010

Chappie is the only dog food our Airedale will eat. However, we have problems obtaining it from our local Tesco’s (Sudbury,Suffolk,in spite of many complaints) and, latterly, Waitrose. This week I was only able to purchase just one small tin from Waitrose – Tesco has none!!

Chris Tuckey October 19, 2012

I’ve been buying chappie dried dog food for my two Staffies for years, but since the ‘new’ type food has been introduced, my dogs stomaches have not been right and are reluctant to eat it. It can’t just be my dogs, so has anyone else experienced this? I will be changing their food from now on and will have to waste the rest of the two large sacks that I bought a few weeks ago.

nblackburn November 6, 2012

Chappie Original tinned has now developed a horrible smell ever since the new labels appeared. Chappie Kibble (dry) has been made bigger and is now unsuitable for small dogs. Dogs with diabetis, skin problems & sensitive stomachs, who rely on this product, seem to be having problems, although the manufacture MARS say the ingredients are the same! If you are seeing problems contact MARS at 01664 410000 & tell them. Something has changed with this product and not for the best

Caroline Swinhoe January 8, 2013

I have been feeding my 2 dogs on Chappie complete since I got them (I got 1 dog 3 years ago and the other 8 months ago). They both love it and my vet said it was one of the best to feed them. However, since the company changed the formula and introduced a bigger kibble, neither of them will even look at it, and I’m having to make additions (home made gravy) to tempt them. This applies more to the chicken and rice, which smells very strong. In addition, I used to put a little of the kibble in their ‘Kong’ toys so they had fun rolling them about to get at the food, but the larger size does not let me do this! All in all the change is unwanted and unwelcoem, I do hope they cahnge it back to the original formula, or I will have to look elsewhere for their feed.

Janet Vinall January 17, 2013

Had to change from chappie as the new dried food pieces are to big for my little dogs. the old chappie was just the right sixw

Samantha January 19, 2013

Hello I have got a 2 year ago staff dog and has been on chappie dry biscuits and 1/2 of chappie meat
Since we had him. I bought a 15kg of dry biscuit bag the new improved one. Well I am sorry to get say that it has made my dog very ill. Within a day he started to chew his feet, legs, etc started to come out in a rash took him to the vet and he said he had an allergy to something so clean wash and clean all bedding carpets etc. the poor dog did not stop chew his feet and legs they where that bad his paws and legs were bleeding most of the time. Now he has a rash under Neath him as well which has start bleeding as well. Took him bad to the vet, he gave him prednisone for 4 days which never made a different. So I took it upon my self to change the dry biscuit, to the old make. I had to drive around to find old stock of dry biscuit. By changing the dog biscuit back to the old make within In 3 days he stop chewing his feet please can u tell me what improvement u have made please

Simon Isa November 28, 2019

Chappie has completely solved the problems we were having with our West highland terroir ‘Beau’.
She has always had a delicate stomach and we were used to her being sick everyday and having
real problems with digestion.. We have tried every food wet and dry.The amount of money we have spent on antibiotics and such doesn’t bear thinking about.
A friend told us to try Chappie, which we did when she was a pup but she turned her nose up at it so we didn’t persist.. she has been on Chappie, original and chicken and rice, for the last 6 months and it’s incredible the change in our beloved Beau!! She is never ever sick now, her stomach rumbling has gone and she’s the healthiest looking she has ever been!! Thank you so much Chappie I should have known really, my dad always bought Chappie for our mongrel ‘Bobbie’ in the early 70s.. thanks again we are very happy

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